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Christopher Berry-Dee
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9 June 2021

Parole Board
10 South Colonnade
Canary Wharf


Dear Sirs/Madam


Thank you for your recent 2 June 2021 letter regarding CANNAN. John David Guise.  This was most courteous of you, and, of course, I fully understand your current situation especially with COVID playing havoc. I also understand, most fully, that the Parole Board cannot discuss any individual cases.

Merely to refresh you, I have interviewed face-to-face some 30 of the world’s most heinous sexual psychopathic killers, cleared up several Cold Case homicides, and most of my credentials can be found on my web site (as above). Omitted from the public domain is sensitive information on work I have done and occasionally still do on behalf of law enforcement in several countries including: the USA, in the UK and elsewhere.

With the greatest respect, I draw your attention to PITCHFORK, and your Parole Board who rubber-stamped this double child killer’s release will, we all pray and hope, have at least read up on this sexual psychopath on Wikipedia at the very least?

Diagnosed as a sexual psychopath – the condition can NEVER be treated  being a universally acknowledged fact – and having myself managed to obtain much PITCHFORK’s incarceration history, it seems that any psychiatric evaluations considered by the Parole Board are based on ‘guesswork’. That he behaved himself while deprived of his liberty is neither here nor there.

I enclose a paper written by me years ago for The Justice of The Peace which precisely proves my point (see: SHAWCROSS. Arthur John) for example in that paper, which was well-received by the then Lord Chief Justice of England, the then Home Secretary, and countless law enforcement officers, lawyers, magistrates and circuit judges. 

The present media publications revolving around PITCHFORK’s release is completely justified, however, that publicity is not within my remit. I will add, too, that prison terms are intended to ‘reform’ a person, but, as above, it is totally IMPOSSIBLE to reform - by way of medication or any other treatment - a sexual psychopath.

At my lectures – at one time before the prestigious Oxford Union – I ask: 

‘What if it had been your own precious daughter or son who had been taken, raped, abused, killed and dumped like so much garbage…how would you feel knowing that their killer was now as free as a bird?’ 

Therefore, I ask you, and the present Home Secretary and the PM (cc’d in this letter) that very same question.

Releasing the likes of CANNAN and PITCHFORK amounts to blue sky thinking; a very dangerous gamble it is too, for while we all strive to find the good in others, psychopaths are the world’s master manipulators and I see this writ large in all of the documents I have reviewed regarding Mr. PITCHFORK.

Of course he will be given a new identity – at the decent British taxpayer’s expense.

Of course he will be relocated and given any Social Benefits – at the decent taxpayer’s expense.

Of course he will be placed on Life Licence.

Now imagine if you had been a parent of 15-year-old Lynda Mann or 15-year-old Dawn Ashworth, now laying in their graves.

I leave it at that.

Yours sincerely



INSIDE BROADMOOR: Serial Killers & High Security
Chn 5 now streaming My 5


Christopher Berry-Dee


I truly tuned in  with the hope that this 90-minute minus some 20-minutes for the obligatory ads made-for-TV documentary would enlighten me. However it has proven yet again: that any true crime related broadcasting cannot be achieved without the likes of my esteemed colleagues: Fred Dineage, Wensley Clarkson and Geoffrey Wansall, and the decades of research they put into studying the killers who featured in this programme.

Prof. Pam Taylor, Dr. Jackie Craissati MBE and Dr. Sohom also proved, most often than not, that no three psychiatrists (shrinks) can agree on any collective diagnoses in any particular case in a medical field that is based solely ‘guesswork’, often ‘uneducated opinion’, or how much they will trouser from a defence or prosecution team who are paying for their ‘brain probing wisdom.

Professor David Canter really does know his stuff, but he is an offender profiler so he added some quality here



The fact that Peter Sutcliffe managed to con every psychiatrist at Broadmoor for decades into thinking that he was mentally ill when he wasn’t was an issue where the three professionals appearing in the documentary didn’t exactly shine a light on their expertise. 

Noting of course that Sutcliffe’s trial defence team employed none other than the eminent Dr. Hugo Milne (Bradford); Dr. Malcolm McCulloch (Liverpool) and Dr. Terrence Kay (Leeds) who left the court with round shoulders after a jury of 12 people of average ignorance stuck two fingers up at them with judge, Mr. Justice Boreham, in total agreement.

So what if ‘The Yorkshire Ripper’ had hundreds of equally deranged ‘birds’ coming into this so-called high-security facility, canoodling and holding his hand: no mention of Jimmy Savile living in the place, nor our dear Frank Bruno who was conned into meeting Sutcliffe in one of the most vulgar publicity stunts this country has ever known.


No issues with ‘The Colonel’s’ slice of the pie in the documentary. Fred Dineage got it spot on as did Ron’s old flame, Maureen Flannigan. She described Ron as him being exactly as he was when I met him although he didn’t have a butler dressed in white back then…a guard was at his beck and call. 


I wonder what Charlie’s lawyers might think of ex-Broadmoor staff (who sign confidentiality agreements) discussing their former patient’s treatment and the way he was handled. Oops Dr. Soham…and your appearing onscreen fee was??? Is it not the case of ‘What happens inside Broadmoor, stays inside Broadmoor’ – a take from The Green Mile? 


Legally, same here applies as with Bronson. Yes, truly a monster in every sense of the word but what more did we learn that was not already in the public domain?

‘That Bob has creepy eyes when looking at female staff’ WOW!’ ‘That Bob comes across as a bit shy?’ WOW! ‘That he’s got his own room with a key to his front door!’ Way to go Bob.


This was a horrific incident, so one must give all mega credit to the staff who were helpless in trying to stop the torture and killing by Maudsley and David Cheeseman of convicted child molester, David Francis, in a locked room. This was a real life horror Stephen King event, and those present will have to live with this terrible bloodbath for the remainder of their lives. Of course this could have been avoided with better security in place, but we must never forget how manipulative and cunning these psychopaths can be.


Recommended as a starter-for-ten for anyone with just a ‘passing interest’ in Broadmoor Hospital. This somewhat shallow, lacking real meat documentary, works quite well, but for those with a deep interest in the treatment of allegedly mentally ill criminals, American TV producers do it much, much better – bigger production budgets too with a lot less advertising holidays and motors thrown in.

As an endnote: Psychopathy cannot be cured. Humankind has not even really started to understand the complex human mind, and never will.


Lincs & Notts
Lincs & Notts

Christopher has just bought 2O much needed chairs plus a substitute donation as a Christmas gift for the priest at this little church in Philippines. They suffer so much hardship. They lost all in the recent typhoons and floods.


A Look Into One of the Most Infamous Hospitals/Prisons

boris book.jpg

Broadmoor Sinister is a terrifying account of one of the worlds most famous/infamous hospitals/prisons, a place which still houses many of the most dangerous psychopaths in UK criminal history. 


The famous criminal hospital is still very much in use today, with one of the latest patients to be committed being the teenager who threw a six-year-old boy off a 200ft Tate Modern balcony in August this year.

Jonty Bravery, 18, said he did it because he wanted to be 'famous.'

A Glimpse of some of the infamous patients